Friday, November 28, 2014

'I'd like to look in his face so he can see exactly what he's done to us': Carte Blanche on M-Net gets sit-down interview with June Steenkamp.

You're reading it here first. 

On Sunday night in Carte Blanche on M-Net (DStv 101) at 19:00 June Steenkamp, mother of Reeva Steenkamp who was shot and killed by Oscar Pistorius, will break her silence in an interview with Devi Sankaree Govender.- a mother's voice that all of South Africa has been waiting to hear.

"I don't feel anything, he [Oscar Pistorius] is not anything to me," June Steenkamp says to Devi Sankaree Govender. "I feel angry for what he's done to her. It is my child. I gave birth to her."

On Sunday night June Steenkamp takes Carte Blanche's Devi Sankaree Govender into her home after almost two years of media silence, sharing her most intimate thoughts about life without her daughter who was killed on 14 February, Valentines Day, last year by the paralympic "bladerunner" who is now behind bars.

Este de Klerk is the Carte Blanche producer of the big get, in an hour during which Carte Blanche will also has a revealing Eskom expose as South African households have been warned that they could be plunged into darkness and load shedding this weekend again.

I'm told getting and securing the interview with June Steenkamp took Carte Blanche two weeks to iron out the details, with the cameras which rolled this past Tuesday at June Steenkamp's home in Port Elizabeth.

Devi Sankaree Govender tells TV with Thinus "it felt surreal" to do the interview and to talk to June Steenkamp, following her months covering the trial as one of the anchors on MultiChoice's Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel on DStv.

"I read the book [June Steenkamp's book published by Jonathan Ball] with great interest and there were quite a few dots I needed to connect in my head," says Devi Sankaree Govender.

Seated in her lounge with Devi Sankaree Govender, with a large canvas featuring Reeva's face behind them, June Steenkamp reveals her true thoughts about the trial and what it was like for her to face the man who killed her daughter day after day in court and to finally reach a place where, as a Christian, she could forgive him.

"Sorry can never cover what he'd done," says June Steenkamp who will reveal that Oscar Pistorius "wanted to see us. He did try and make an appointment, but we weren't ready to face him".

"I think I'd like to look in his face so he can see exactly what he's done to us and he's taken away from us. I want to say to him: 'Here, I am the mother and you have taken everything from us."

On Sunday evening Carte Blanche viewers will see June Steenkamp talk about the "special connection" she still feels with Reeva following her death and she will also talk about her husband Barry Steenkamp and his struggle to confront the brutal way in which their daughter died.

June Steenkamp opens up to Carte Blanche about what it has been like being financially destitute and the decisions they made around finances.

"It can never get better, unless somebody can bring her back to life, it's never going to get better. You got to learn to live with it, to get on with you life," June Steenkamp tells Carte Blanche. "When I first saw him, I thought: this was the person who killed my daughter".

"And I think that I, in a way, unnerved him. And I liked that part of it. I wanted to be there for Reeva, so, to me it was good that I unnerved him."

She also reveals to Carte Blanche, and speaks openly and candidly to Devi Sankaree Govender, about appearing strong but inwardly dealing with "incredible pain" that she would not wish on anyone - and the way in which she knows that no amount of time will allow her and her husband to come to terms with what happened.

"I've forgiven him. As a Christian, you have to forgive. Otherwise you going to carry all this pain inside you, and this hatred and I am not like that," says June Steenkamp.

While Carte Blanche can't broadcast the full interview in its entirely, the full interview will be made available on MultiChoice's DStv Catch Up service right after Sunday evening's Carte Blanche episode.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

BREAKING. SABC launching its own digital magazine, Evoke from Bespoke Media; launch issue features SABC1's 'new' Generations.

The SABC is launching its own, new digital consumer magazine, Evoke, which will be available to readers on the internet and on their smartphones and tablets.

SABC Evoke is the South African public broadcaster's first attempt at a secondary marketing and communication tool to speak directly to consumers and viewers since it started, and then folded, its self-published TV Talk magazine which it used to mail by post to SABC TV licence holders.

Evoke, published as a new digital magazine by Bespoke Media for the SABC, features actors Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo on the cover of the first edition ahead of the "relaunch" of Generations which will start on Monday on SABC1.

"We've launched several new websites for our radio and TV brands with more to come," says Elouise Kelly, the SABC's head of marketing in the first issue of Evoke. which readers can download at Google's Play Store or read at

The frequency with which Evoke will be published it not yet known - monthly, quarterly, forthnightly or weekly.

"The launch of this publication aims to further expand our digital footprint, creating a single platform on which to entertain and share exciting information about the SABC and our house of media brands," says Elouise Kelly.

"Our hope is that this magazine becomes your not-so-guilty pleasure and first port of call for all things SABC. We remain committed to the future of media, advertising and broadcasting and hope you enjoy reading and interacting with Evoke magazine."

SABC appoints Jimi Mathews as new head of SABC News, ups Nothando Maseko as head of SABC TV News, Bessie Tugwana to run SABC Sport.

The SABC is making executive appointments, which are becoming effective from 1 December 2014, moving Jimi Mathews to head of SABC News and current affairs, making Nothando Maseko the head of SABC Television news, Sebolelo Ditlhakayane the head of SABC Radio news and Bessie Tugwana the head of SABC Sport.

Sully Motsweni is appointed as the head of SABC stakeholder relations and provinces.

Jimi Mathews has been acting in the position of group executive: news and current affairs and will now get the position permanently.

Bessie Tugwana has been acting in the position for a while, and is now getting to be the boss of SABC Sport permanently after having worked at the television side as an executive for year.

Nothando Maseko who is taking over as the head of SABC Television news has been the executive producer of SABC2's morning show, Morning Live. Nothando Maseko will be an "understudy" of Jimi Mathews until he leaves.

Sebolelo Ditlhakanyane as the new head of SABC Radio news was the SABC's regional editor in the Northern Cape.

SABC's lying chairwoman Ellen Zandile Tshabalala extends matricless Hlaudi Motsoeneng's reign with SABC CEO duties until end of 2014.

The SABC's lying chairperson Ellen Zandile Tshabalala has extended the South African public broadcaster's famously matricless Hlaudi Motsoeneng's reign as acting SABC CEO until the end of 2014.

"Authority is hereby given to the chief operations officer to undertake the duties and functions of the group chief executive officer (CEO) with effect from 22 November 2014 to 31 December 2014," says the letter Ellen Zandile Tshabalala signed.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago says "Hlaudi Motsoeneng has not been appointed as the CEO".

"We are just following what the memorandum of incorporation says. It says that when the CEO is not available for one reason or the other the powers of the CEO are then delegated to the COO."

The highly controversial Hlaudi Motsoeneng has been appointed as chief operating officer (COO) of the SABC earlier this year, a unilateral move by the SABC which is the crux of at least two pending court cases.

Ellen Zandile Tshabalala appointed Hlaudi Motsoeneng as acting CEO since the acting CEO Anton Heunis is ill.

Ellen Zandile Tshabalala first appointed Hlaudi Motsoeneng as acting CEO of the SABC earlier this month for 9 days.

Ellen Zandile Tshabalala lied about her qualifications to parliament in her CV - alleging to have a B.Com degree and a diploma in business management from Unisa which the university says she don't have because she failed some courses and dropped out and didn't complete some courses.

MultiChoice dumps euronews; TV news channel on DStv will be removed on 30 November after 6 years.

MultiChoice is dumping euronews (DStv 414) from the DStv, with the European rolling 24-hour TV news channel which will be removed from 30 November from the South African satellite pay-TV platform's channel line-up.

MultiChoice decided not to renew the euronews contract and isn't giving any reasons, although the removal likely has to do with low viewership figures.

Although knowing for longer than a month that euronews which has been on DStv for 6 years, MultiChoice is telling DStv subscribers and giving them only 5 days notice about the channel being removed from DStv.

TV news channels as a subset has much lower viewership as a genre than sport, general entertainment, movies and lifestyle TV channels.

Then within the news channel's subset, TV news channels on DStv channels like euronews, CNBC Africa (DStv 410), BBC World News (DStv 400) and Al Jazeera (DStv 406) are scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to viewership and audience share.

"Although the euronews channel is no longer available in Southern Africa, DStv customers still have 16 news and commerce channels which cater for a variety of viewer tastes," says Aletta Alberts, the general manager of content for MultiChoice South Africa.

Last month, following reports that MultiChoice may look to cut TV channels from the existing DStv offering, MultiChoice said that "MultiChoice is not cutting back on channels on its DStv service".

MultiChoice said a month ago that "we constantly monitor and review the performance of the different channels on DStv as part of our ongoing drive to deliver the best entertainment to our customers. The recent launch of VUZU AMP and M-Net Edge is proof of that commitment".

euronews which was on DStv Premium was added to DStv Compact and DStv Family only in April last year.

Then euronews' Arnaud Verlhac, the deputy director for worldwide distribution at euronews still had effusive praise for MultiChoice, saying MultiChoice and euronews are "working closer and closer together".

"I am proud to announce this new proof of confidence by MultiChoice," he said last year when euronews' availability on DStv was increased in April 2013.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

BREAKING. Vincent Bones (30) wins Idols on M-Net's historic 10th season; 'the first thing I need is a house,' says formerly homeless winner.

In a resurgent season which lured 24,3 million votes Vincent Bones (30) from Pietermaritzburg won the popular vote when he was announced as the winner on Sunday night in the 10th season's live finale of Idols on M-Net (DStv 101) and Mzansi Mzansi Magic (DStv 161).

The worship leader's touching back story - he managed to escape a life as a homeless street kid in Sunnyside, Pretoria which he became after the death of his mother and uncle - as well as his powerful soulful singing, proved an irresistible draw to viewers who week after week voted to keep him in the reality show competition.

"Sleeping in the streets is scary at first. It's a challenge you get used to," he said on Sunday night.

Luckily Vincent Bones was put into Boys Town, finished his schooling and changed his life. "I believe what I went through in life, is enough to carry my character," he said about entering Idols.

Vincent Bones who can play piano, drums, base and saxophone came to national viewer attention in the second season of the historic 10th Idols season - the first time he auditioned as a contestant for a TV show.

On Sunday night be triumphed in front of the crowd at Carnival City and viewers watching the live finale at home, garnering more votes than Bongi Silinda (24) from Nelspruit.

"The first thing I need is a house. That's one of the only things at the moment right now in my mind, so that I can get a stable place for my family."

"I was probably the most nervous person throughout the season," said Vincent Bones.

"The best thing I can say is to believe in yourself a little bit. If you know your talent, that will help you, because if you come to a show like Idols you need to make sure that you work on your confidence a little bit."

"I was terrified from the first day," he said. "After making it to the Top 16 I was a mess. It's a singing competition but you need to be a confident person as well."

Vincent Bones said he will not forget where he comes from. "I have people around me that constantly remind me who I am and where I come from. So for me, I feel safe because I've got those people that will always be there for me."

He wins a prize package of more than R800 000 which includes a recording contract with Universal Music Africa.

"For me it's a big moment. For me being the winner, it's going to sink in later. I didn't even believe I'm going to make it through the first audition."

"I came to Idols, I didn't necessarily have the confidence, but I had a plan in mind that I want to stay in the music industry. For me, from now on, I have to execute my plan. The plan that I have is to basically make good music. For me its music for the people, music that people enjoy," said Vincent Bones.

"The way that viewers are engaged with Idols, with the contestants, all the way through, is just unbelievable," said Victor Eckard, M-Net director. He said Idols kept breaking voting records week after week.

It happened because M-Net and Idols lowered the financial barriers for people to vote, enabling and allowing votes to be cast through new social media platforms as well as well as traditional methods.

It led to a massive voting surge which saw a dramatic spike of 236% in the total votes compared to the 9th season and which not only pleasantly surprised M-Net but also the TV industry.

Idols also did away with the mid-week elimination episode and combined it with the Sunday show which also returned to a live broadcast format. It elevated the dramatic tension and lifted viewership.

"It enhanced the engagement that viewers have with Idols and with the contestants. It's just been positive," said Victor Eckard.

"There's nothing wrong with the format - it's been working for the past 10 seasons. The fact that it's broken all the records is just another highlight. I don't think the format actually requires significant changes," said Victor Eckard.

Idols has been renewed for an 11th season and will start with nationwide auditions on 31 January 2015.

"We're always going to try and make it more exciting and add a few more surprises here and there," said veteran Idols producer Gavin Wratten.

SABC's Hlaudi Motsoeneng suspends SABC's chief technology officer, Sipho Masinga, following scathing report about shocking state of SABC infrastructure.

The SABC's famously matricless and controversial chief operating officer (COO) Hlaudi Motsoeneng has suspended its chief technology officer Sipho Masinga - 10 months after the SABC suspended the previous person in the position, Gelfand Kausiyo, who was the acting chief technology officer at the South African public broadcaster.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng suspended Sipho Masinga following a damning report from Sipho Masinga about the SABC's technology infrastructure, stating that the SABC's technology and infrastructure is in such a dilapidated state and in such an aging state and disrepair that "broadcasting disruptions can now happen at any time, any place" at the SABC.

According to a shocking new internal SABC report from Sipho Masinga, the public broadcaster's aging emergency power generators are incapable of providing enough electricity for the SABC to maintain broadcasting of its signals during a power failure - a place supposedly designated a "national keypoint" in South Africa.

According to the report, it will cost the SABC at least R2 billion in infrastructure and technology investment to bring the beleaguered South African public broadcaster's technology and aging infrastructure up to date.

The SABC apparently blames Sipho Masingo for the blackout of the SABC's broadcasting signals.

Sipho Masinga's shocking report about the SABC's technology infrastructure follows the complete blackouts experienced in October when the SABC's three TV channels and radio stations unexpectedly went dark and were cut off.

On 3, 4 and 5 October this year - and shockingly again on 19 October this year - the SABC's TV and radio signals completely disappeared.

The October blackouts of the SABC signals are the "second" time this year following a blackout in April this year due to equipment failure as well as back-up equipment failure.of MultiChoice's head-end equipment at the SABC's Auckland Park headquarters.

In multiple media enquiries made the past two months over the cause of the SABC blackouts by TV with Thinus, the SABC refused to say why it happened.

According to Rapport newspaper the blackouts occurred due to the power failures and the complete failure of emergency power generators at the SABC which didn't kick in and which wasn't working.

The problem is being worsened, according to Sipho Masinga's report and compounded by outdated and aging infrastructure and technology which is being used at the SABC which should have been replaced "years ago".

Sipho Masinga's scathing report states that "years and years of mismanagement" at the SABC is "responsible for the blackouts of SABC signals and that the "SABC's aging infrastructure is not being maintained in any of the nine provinces".

According to Sipho Masinga, the SABC has entirely failed the past 16 years to invest in the maintenance and improvement of existing infrastructure.

According to Sipho Masinga the public broadcaster is apparently not ready for the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting - something which requires an investment of millions of rand in infrastructure and technology.

According to Sipho Masinga's report "the situation is being worsened through the appointment of unqualified people which places a moratorium on the maintenance of existing infrastructure and investment in new technology".

Sipho Masinga also notes the shocking state of disrepair of the lifts at the SABC in his report, that "several of the SABC's buildings in the nine provinces are unsafe and falling apart", and that "most broadcast studios are totally outdated and shouldn't actually be used for broadcasting anymore".

The SABC didn't respond to a media enquiry made on Sunday.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Parliament makes a second call for the immediate suspension of the lying SABC chairperson Ellen Zandile Tshabalala.

Parliament's portfolio committee on communications - the parliamentary committee responsible for oversight of the SABC - has now asked for a second time for the immediate suspension of the SABC's lying chairperson Ellen Zandile Tshabalala who was exposed for faking tertiary qualifications on her CV she doesn't have.

The lying Ellen Zandile Tshabalala tried to stall a parliamentary inquiry from proceeding by obstructing it with what proved to be futile court action after she was exposed for claiming to have tertiary qualifications which UNISA says she doesn't have, for management course the university says she failed to complete.

The Western Cape High Court rejected Ellen Zandile Tshabalala's shameful court bid to halt the parliamentary inquiry.

Ellen Zandile Tshabalala has so far flat out refused and has been unable and unwilling to answer the very simply question of why she claimed to have to certain qualifications she doesn't have, and why she isn't proving certificates and proof of the qualifications she stated on her CV last year.

She said she had a BComm degree from UNISA and a diploma in labour relations. UNISA says she dropped out and never completed any of it

Parliament's portfolio committee on communications has now again written a memorandum to the speaker of the national assembly for a second time, asking for the immediate suspension of Ellen Zandile Tshabalala who was permanently appointed to the position at the beleaguered SABC a year ago.

"This follows a second unanimous agreement among committee members that Ellen Zandile Tshabalala be suspended pending the outcome of the parliamentary inquiry on 3 December," says Gavin Davis, the Democratic Alliance MP in a statement.

"The committee believes that Ellen Zandile Tshabalala's suspension is crucial given the various delaying tactics she has employed to stall the inquiry. What should have been a quick process has been dragged out for far too long. Already, there are indications that Ellen Zandile Tshabalala's legal team is pushing for another postponement."

Gavin Davis says Ellen Zandile Tshabalala "cannot possibly focus on the mammoth task of turning the SABC around with such serious charges hanging over her" and that she "may be tempted to use the power of her office to assist her in her legal battle".

"We saw last week that she delegated the authority of CEO to Hlaudi Motsoeneng [the SABC's famously matricless and controversial chief operating officer] despite a court ruling that he must be suspended and disciplined."

"Giving an equally compromised ally power over the budget and administration of the SABC can only assist her, to the detriment of the SABC."

"We are vindicated. What it means for us is that we can proceed with our work," says Joyce Moloi-Moropa, the chairperson of parliament's portfolio committee on communications.

Ad agency Joe Public SA moves inappropriate Lovers Plus condom TV commercials on SABC to later timeslots and out of family viewing.

The ad agency Joe Public SA has agreed to move inappropriate Lovers Plus condom TV adverts shown in South Africa on the SABC to later timeslots outside of family viewing following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Autority of South Africa (ASA).

Joe Public SA agreed that the Lovers Plus TV commercials for the cheap condom range which have been shown on SABC3 will be moved to later and other timeslots outside of family viewing.

It follows a complaint by Clint White that the condom adverts which SABC3 showed during the morning and afternoon was inappropriate to show during family viewing timeslots.

Clint White told the ASA in his complaint that his 6 year old children saw the condom commercials during what is supposed to be family viewing.

It led to uncomfortable questions, following the Lovers Plus commercial in which a couple is seen in their underwear on a table, has a condom fall out, and is then seen jumping in under a blanket.

"The respondent has confirmed that it agrees with the SABC's approach to only flight this commercial in programming that is not likely to reach a young audience, and that it would ensure that this approach is followed going forward," says the ASA.

"The ASA is satisfied that the undertaking to ensure that the commercial is henceforth only scheduled during appropriate, mature programming is an adequate resolution to the matter."

Friday, November 21, 2014

BREAKING. The Queen Latifah Show on and M-Net Series Zone cancelled after two seasons.

The Queen Latifah Show, seen in South Africa on and M-Net Series Zone (DStv 115) which are both broadcasting the current second season, just got cancelled - abruptly.

The syndicated American daytime show produced by Sony Pictures Television and not even yet in the middle of its second season will shut down production at the end of December. Staff were told on Friday.

It's was Queen Latifah's second attempt at a TV talk show.

Although ratings were bad and cancellation feared, nobody expected The Queen Latifah Show to cease so suddenly. New episodes will continue to be shown until the end of March 2015 but will all be recorded before the talk show shuts down just before Christmas.

It creates an immediate hole 4 months from now for the M-Net Series Zone and schedules with programmers at and M-Net who will have to do some unexpected work in finding a replacement show.

At's spring programming preview last week the South African broadcaster played a specially recorded message from Queen Latifah for the South African media and TV critics

"We want to thank Queen Latifah, the producers and the entire staff of The Queen Latifah Show for creating a program that we are all very proud of," says Sony Pictures Television said in a statement.

"The most important thing in life is that you wake up every single day and take chances. No matter what the outcome…believe in yourself and continue to fly," says Queen Latifah.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Telkom, MultiChoice in exclusive 6 month broadband deal; customers getting a DStv Explora free when signing a 24 month broadband contract.

From this Sunday 23 November consumers acquiring a new broadband contract from Telkom for 24 months will get one of MultiChoice's DStv Explora decoders for free in an exclusive arrangement between the South African telecom operator and the satellite pay-TV platform.

New Telkom broadband customers who sign a 24 month contract for a 10Mbit/s or faster ADSL service, or existing Telkom broadband customers who upgrade to a 10Mbit/s line, will get a DStv Explora free.

MultiChoice just launched its DStv connected services, enabling the linking of its DStv Explora to the internet.

Through it DStv Premium subscribers are able to set remote recordings from their computers, tablets and smartphones for their decoder, while the expanded DStv Catch Up plus gives subscribers access to more on demand content downloaded through the internet.

A new app, DStv NOW will be released in December.

MultiChoice said last week that it would be making an announcement this week in which it will "take another step to making these services more accessible" for DStv subscribers through the use of these new broadband connected services, but has not yet done so.

"Telkom and MultiChoice have entered into an exclusive 6 month promotion that entails Telkom internet broadband being bundled with the new IP-connected DStv Explora decoder," says Telkom.

"Customers will benefit from faster, high-speed Telkom broadband and more fixed-line data. Furthermore, the free DStv Explora and WiFi connector will allow customers access to the enhanced DStv Catch Up catalogue and additional functionality."

Telkom meanwhile is planning to roll out its own video-on-demand (VOD) service.

SABC cuts Afrikaans; reduces the Afrikaans in environmental magazine show 50/50 which must now be 80% English after move to SABC3.

The SABC has ordered Afrikaans to be further cut down in the environmental magazine show 50/50 from what it used to be; the programme must now be broadcast 80% in English according to orders from the South African public broadcaster.

The SABC returned 50/50 for a new season to the public broadcaster but moved it from its longtime home on SABC2 to SABC3 and also significantly reduced the traditional amount of Afrikaans heard in the show.

Production company Clive Morris Productions that produces 50/50 for the SABC has significantly cut the Afrikaans in the magazine show on SABC orders.

50/50 also moved from SABC2 to SABC3 which has the smallest broadcasting footprint of all the SABC's three terrestrial TV channels - meaning that the least number of TV viewers who want to watch the SABC or a SABC TV channel can actually keep watching it.

Three decades ago when 50/50 started on the erstwhile TV1 of the SABC, the entire programme was in Afrikaans which over the years steadily eroded - first to half, and now to a very small percentage.

In response to media enquiry the SABC tells TV with Thinus that "the move from SABC2 to SABC3 has been informed by both the TV business unit strategy and SABC3's new channel proposition".

"It is important to note that 50/50 is first and foremost an environmental programme," says the SABC. "The language split has been revised to English 80% and 20% Afrikaans."

"The increase in the English language deliver forms part of the fundamental plan to make the programme more accessible, more inclusive and to attract a broader spectrum of South African audiences," says the SABC.

The broadcaster didn't explain how moving 50/50 to a smaller TV channel with a much smaller reception and reducing the language a large part of the traditional core audience watched it in on the broadcaster is making it more accessible

In the whole of the Northern Cape for instance there is only one transmitter broadcasting SABC3, which means only people living in and around Alexander Bay can now watch 50/50 if they wanted to.

"50/50 has been on-air for many years and this is part of the evolution process for the programme," says the SABC.

"We also shy away from our content being identified by our audiences only by language, but rather the actual programme and the message it carries to the viewer," says the SABC. "50/50 has undergone a revamp aligned to the channel and the TV network business strategy with South African viewers in mind."

Earlier the year the SABC also ordered the traditionally Afrikaans soap 7de Laan on SABC2 to undergo changes which will also result in a reduction of the percentage of Afrikaans heard on the show in 2015 as well as significant on-screen changes.

The SABC also moved the Afrikaans TV news bulletin, Nuus om 7 - the broadcaster's sole Afrikaans terrestrial TV news bulletin - in mid-July from SABC2 to SABC3.

The SABC initially claimed and told viewers in promos that it's only temporary, while the SABC told the press and advertisers that the move will be permanent.

After announcing that the Nuus om 7 will move permanently to SABC3 at a programming upfront and in a video presentation and documents handed to the press, the SABC denied it and said the move is temporary, only to suddenly be informing viewers on the air that it is indeed moving permanently.

The move was planned as a permanent move and since the beginning of the year already.

Then suddenly, after saying that the SABC "listened to viewers" the Nuus om 7 moving back earlier this month to SABC2 and its old timeslot.

Zandile Nkonyeni, SABC TV head publicist, told Netwerk24 that SABC3 has changed its "channel proposition". "It's also not so much lead by language, but is lead by a group of people with similar mindsets" she said.

"Every programme that you find, whatever genre, on SABC3 it will not be language skewed. It will not be to a specific people who speak a certain language but it will be for a South African that can tune in and will understand what is being spoken about on that language," said Zandile Nkonyeni.

Zandile Nkonyeni said "Afrikaans as a language is still very much existent within the SABC".

Human Rights Commission orders M-Net's Carte Blanche to apologise to Lotz family after showing dead daughter's body on TV.

For the second time in months M-Net's Sunday night investigative magazine show Carte Blanche has been ordered to apologise for something it showed.

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has ordered the Combined Artistic Productions show to apologise within 6 weeks to the family of the murdered Inge Lotz after Carte Blanche broadcast images of her dead body on 18 September 2008 in the insert "Forensics Investigated".

The Lotz parents complained at the HRC that Carte Blanche producers didn't inform them ahead of time that their dead daughter's body would be shown on M-Net across South African TV screens and that M-Net and Carte Blanche also didn't have permission to use photos of their dead daughter's remains.

The Lotz parents say the images of their dead girl on Carte Blanche caused them emotional trauma and anxiety.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) assisted in the case before the Human Right Commission which has now ruled that Carte Blanche has to implement steps to ensure that all future cases of a similar nature are handled with "maximum respect" according to clause 28.4 of the Broadcasting Code.

M-Net has to give the HRC a written confirmation of the steps that has been taken and implemented within 6 weeks.

The HRC found that although Carte Blanche's broadcast of the dead body of Inge Lotz was in the public interest, that Carte Blanche could have done more and could have informed the Lotz family ahead of time about the intent to broadcast the visuals.

The HRC found that even though permission wasn't required, that it was at least necessary to inform the family members to lessen the traumatic impact of suddenly and unexpectedly seeing their dead daughter's body on television.

EXCLUSIVE. M-Net grabs The Last Ship with Eric Dane; excellent new drama series set to start on M-Net on 2 January at 20:30.

Your're reading it here first. 

M-Net has grabbed the broadcasting rights for the cool new drama series The Last Ship and plans to start broadcasting it from Friday 2 January at 20:30.

While pay-TV broadcasters like StarSat, OpenView HD, and others complain that M-Net and MultiChoice has exclusive broadcasting rights agreements and "such" all-encompassing exclusive content licensing agreements that they can't get anything, there's several high-quality TV shows and other TV content nobody secures the rights of for South Africa.

Several of these TV shows go unseen in South Africa with local viewers who are waiting on any local broadcasters to pick up new shows like The Strain, Crossbones, Black Sails, Cedar Cove and When Calls the Heart for instance.

Any could have grabbed The Last Ship. They just didn't. For months.

And now M-Net has picked it up, meaning that DStv subscribers will be able to watch this engrossing new series in high definition (and most probably on DStv Catch Up).

As late as July this year TV with Thinus checked and lamented how no South African broadcaster has ye bothered to grap The Last Ship, a new drama series with Grey's Anatomy's "McSteamy" Eric Dane - a TV show which was anyone's for the taking if they're willing to pay for it.

M-Net is now planning to use The Last Ship - during an excellent time of the year when people want big, escapism television - to fill the gap between the third season of Arrow going on hiatus in the United States.

The 10 week gap before Arrow resumes on M-Net on 13 March 2015 will be used to play out the 10 episodes of The Last Ship which is based on William Brinkley's book.

Even more unintentionally great is how even more relevant and perfect The Last Ship - filmed before the year's big news events - will resonate and feel real to viewers.

Before Russia's renewed pan-continental and territorial aggression, before the outbreak of the dreaded Ebola in West Africa soon spreading to America and Europa and through several African nations, The Last Ship filmed and started broadcasting its episodes.

Now The Last Ship will feel very real to viewers with the series following the post-apocalyptic story of Commander Tom Chandler of the USS Nathan James whose ship and crew is pursued by Russians in a world where 80% of the population has died from a fast-spreading, super deadly disease.

While Dr Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) tries to find a cure in a makeshift laboratory on board the ship, the crew is locked in a deadly quest for survival, water, supplies, food, fuel - and to race to various locations across the globe searching for whatever can aid Dr Scott in her work.

The show has already been renewed for a second season.

Josh Gloak the winner of the first season of SABC3's Win a Home competition and Steyn City apartment; Donald Nxumalo wins as best designer.

Josh Gloak (23) is the winner of Win a Home on SABC3 after picking the right safe to open in the reality competition show from Tswelopele Productions which was spin-out into its own TV show this year following the successful insert it was on Top Billing.

Josh Gloak from Morningside chose the charcoal safe after 12 weeks and won the keys to the luxury apartment at Steyn City.

"When I opened the safe, it took me a few seconds to realise what I'd actually won and what was actually in the safe."

"But when I did, it was an unreal feeling, absolutely incredible. My first home. I think that's something special."

In an interesting twist Win a Home combined an interesting reality TV aspect into the show, adding an interior design competition.

Four aspiring designers – Jason Sandows, Jonathan Avnon, Donald Nxumalo and Liza Scholtz - were paired with four established designers – Stephen Falcke, Ditau Interiors' Nthabi Taukobong, Head Interiors' Abilene Brodie, and Design Collective's Amanda Elliott - who acted act as mentors.

Each week, the aspiring designers were given a room décor challenge on a budget determined by their mentor.

At the end of each four-day décor challenge Donald Nxumalo (26) was announced as the winner, getting the opportunity to become one of Steyn City's "preferred" interior designers, as well as receiving a three-month internship with Kim Hutton of Kim H Interiors, who designed the prize apartment.

"We are very proud of this first series of Win a Home and very thankful to our sponsors for their enormous contributions and for Steyn City for hosting us, as well as to SABC3 for giving us the platform to broadcast," says Patience Stevens, executive producer.

"A huge congratulations to Josh. I'm sure he will enjoy the beautiful apartment at Steyn City and all that the lifestyle estate has to offer."